About us

Paintless Dent Removers, see the difference, choose the best brand for your tools!

      The EXELTOOLS range is the result of over ten years'research and studies. It was created by our expert dent-removal technicians, concerned about your technical constraints and expectations in terms of effectiveness and quality of finished work, in order to allow you to carry out finest and most complex work.
Most of our EXELTOOLS products are patented. They are Made in France, designed using the most high-performance materials and machined, assembled and checked, according to an extremely demanding Quality assurance process and tested in the most extrem conditions. They guarantee high-quality, reliable dent removal.
Aesthetic, ergonomic and resistant to intensive use, EXELTOOLS provide you with comfort, speed of execution and perfect results.

The EXELTOOLS ranges meet the most demanding requirements of the profession in term of ergonomics, strenght and performance.

4 reasons to choose EXELTOOLS:

1. Tools created by Paintless Dent removal professionals
2. Perfect ergonomics
3. Intensive use
4. A lightweight range for mobil technicians